Just before his visit to an Atlanta jail to be booked on 13 felony counts, Donald J. Trump has shaken up his Georgia legal defense team, adding Steve Sadow, a veteran criminal defense lawyer who has taken on a number of high-profile cases.

Mr. Trump’s decision comes soon after one of his lawyers, Drew Findling, and his two other lawyers in Atlanta, Jennifer Little and Marissa Goldberg, negotiated a $200,000 bond for Mr. Trump, who is one of 19 defendants in a sweeping racketeering indictment charging them with engaging in a “criminal enterprise” that sought to overturn Mr. Trump’s 2020 election loss in Georgia.

Mr. Findling is unlikely to be kept on, according to a person familiar with the matter, while Ms. Little will be retained.

On Thursday, Mr. Trump is expected to surrender at the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta, where he is likely to be fingerprinted, photographed and have his weight recorded, the protocol for all criminal defendants in the county.

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