This week on the podcast, Gilbert Cruz is joined by fellow Book Review editors to revisit some of the most popular and acclaimed books of 2023 so far. First, Tina Jordan and Elisabeth Egan discuss the year’s biggest books, from “Spare” to “Birnam Wood.” Then Joumana Khatib, MJ Franklin and Sadie Stein recommend their personal favorites of the year so far.

Books discussed in this week’s episode:

  • “Spare,” by Prince Harry

  • “I Have Some Questions for You,” by Rebecca Makkai

  • “Pineapple Street,” by Jenny Jackson

  • “Romantic Comedy,” by Curtis Sittenfeld

  • “You Could Make This Place Beautiful”, by Maggie Smith

  • “The Bet”, by David Grann

  • “Master, Slave, Husband, Wife,” by Ilyon Woo

  • “King: Life”, by Jonathan Eig

  • “Birnam Wood,” by Eleanor Catton

  • “Hello Beautiful”, by Ann Napolitano

  • “Enter Ghost,” by Isabella Hammad

  • “Y/N”, by Esther Yi

  • “The Sullivanians”, by Alexander Stille

  • “My Search for Warren Harding”, by Robert Plunket

  • “In Memoriam”, by Alice Winn

  • “Don’t Look At Me Like That”, by Diana Athill

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