Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, was taken to hospital on Saturday to undergo medical tests, his office said in a statement.

Mr. Netanyahu arrived Saturday afternoon at the Sheba Medical Center, a major hospital near Tel Aviv, and remained “in good condition and undergoing medical evaluation,” according to the statement. “We’ll update later.”

A spokesman for the medical center did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Mr Netanyahu, 73, was briefly hospitalized in October after he felt pain in his chest in the weeks before last year’s election. He was filmed jogging the next morning.

Mr. Netanyahu is Israel’s longest-serving prime minister and is currently facing one of the most difficult periods of his political career. The prime minister is on trial for corruption, and his coalition – the most right-wing in Israel’s history – has sparked a political crisis by promoting plans to limit judicial oversight of the government.

The plan sparked a month-long wave of political protest in Israel, deepened long-standing social divisions, drew strong criticism from the Biden administration and sparked widespread fears of civil war.

If Mr Netanyahu goes ahead with the plan, he risks provoking a general strike, as well as mass resignations of army reservists, who form a key part of Israel’s military capability. If he suspends the plan, he risks angering his political allies and collapsing his coalition.

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