Israel’s strongest incursion into the occupied West Bank in years is over, the country’s military said on Wednesday.

Beginning around 1 a.m. Monday and heralded by intense drone strikes, the operation sent about 1,000 soldiers into the narrow streets and alleys of the Jenin refugee camp, accompanied by armored vehicles, in what Israeli officials described as an effort to root out armed militants after months . of increasing violence.

The incursion killed at least 12 Palestinians, left one Israeli soldier dead and caused thousands to flee their homes.

On Tuesday, eight Israelis were injured in a car and stabbing attack in Tel Aviv. On Wednesday, Israel said it intercepted five rockets fired from the Gaza Strip and that its fighter jets struck locations in Gaza in response. The incidents raised fears of an escalation of violence against a beat.

This year has been one of the deadliest for Palestinians in the West Bank in more than a decade, with more than 150 killed over the past six months. Most died in armed clashes during Israeli military attacks or carrying out attacks, although some were civilian bystanders. It was also one of the deadliest years for Israelis in some time, with at least 24 killed in Arab attacks, almost all civilians.

Israeli military officials said more than 50 shooting attacks on Israeli targets had been carried out in the past six months from the Jenin area, a stronghold for Palestinian militant groups, and that the operation there was aimed at “breaking the safe mentality” of the camp. Member. of the local committee that manages the camp, said that the incursion turned it into a “war zone in the full sense of the word.”

Here is a selection of images that have emerged since the Israeli operation began.

Ruined cars in the Jenin refugee camp after Israeli soldiers withdrew.

Damaged apartment in Jenin.

Mass burial for Palestinians killed during the incursion.

The funeral of a Palestinian killed in clashes with Israeli forces.

Mourners during the funeral.

Wrecked cars left in an alley.

Damage in the streets of Jenin after the withdrawal of the Israeli troops.

Israel carried out airstrikes on the Gaza Strip in response to rocket fire.

An Israeli armored vehicle firing tear gas during a military operation in Jenin.

Residents of the Jenin refugee camp fled their homes as the Israeli military continued its operation.

Tires burned during clashes in Jenin.

A Palestinian injured in a confrontation with Israeli forces.

Israeli soldiers fired tear gas bombs into Jenin.

Damage caused by the incursion into Jenin.

Inspecting bodies in the morgue of a hospital in Jenin.

Israeli army vehicles in the Jenin refugee camp.

A protester threw stones during clashes with Israeli forces in Hebron.

Several Israelis were injured in what authorities said was a suicide and stabbing attack in Tel Aviv.

Israeli authorities said a civilian shot and killed the attacker in the attack.

An Israeli police officer and a Palestinian clashed during a protest in east Jerusalem against the Israeli military operation in Jenin.

A destroyed car after the operation of the Israeli army.

Israeli soldiers evacuating wounded near the Muqebila border crossing between Israel and the West Bank.

Palestinians fleeing the refugee camp.

Palestinians running for cover during clashes with Israeli soldiers.

Palestinian armed extremists during clashes with Israeli soldiers in the city of Jenin.

Israeli drones over Jenin during the military operation.

A wounded Palestinian is brought to a hospital.

Palestinian youths burned tires and garbage during the clashes.

About 1,000 Israeli soldiers took part in the operation.

Carrying a wounded Israeli soldier to be transferred by military helicopter to a hospital.

Palestinian youths come face to face with an Israeli armored vehicle.

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