The patients who suffered painful eggs at the Yale clinic know what happened to them: Fentanyl intended for use during their procedures was replaced with saline.

Now, they discover who did it: a nurse and mother of three in her late 40s from an affluent town in Connecticut.

The women wonder how the nurse will be held accountable for what she did. On a call with the Department of Justice, they learn of the criminal case against her and grapple with questions about what her punishment should be. Should she go to jail? What is the role of addiction here? Some of the patients are preparing victim impact statements for the court.

Meanwhile, the nurse writes her own story for the court. We learn what the nurse says about why she did what she did and the stories her friends and family tell about it. Everyone is waiting for the hearing where the nurse will be judged.

New episodes of “The Retrievals” drop weekly on Thursdays.

Carla Pallone is a composer based in France. After classical training as a violinist, she performed in the groups Mansfield.TYA and VACΛRME. She now composes music for cinema and theatre, and has written music for films including “La Fille au Bracelet”, “Libre Garance!” and “Midnight Skin”.

Reported, produced and hosted by Susan Burton
Produced and edited by Laura Starcheski
Managing Editor, Serial Productions Julie Snyder
Supervising Producer, Series Productions Ndeye Thioubou
Music supervision and sound design by Phoebe Wang
Original sheet music by Carla Pallone
Music mixing of Thomas Poli at Impersonal Freedom
Research and fact-checking of Ben Phelan and Caitlin Love
Standard Editor Susan Wessling
Legal review of Dana Green
Art direction of Pablo Delcan
Further editing of Katie Mingle and Ira Glass
Additional production of Michelle Navarro
Deputy Managing Editor Sam Dolnick
Producing help from Jeffrey Miranda, Kelly Doe, Renan Borelli, Desiree Ibekwe and Anisha Muni

Special thanks to Erik Tanner, Pierre Cattoni, Lee Riffaterre, Katie Fuchs, Jordan Cohen, Victoria Kim, Jason Fujikuni, Kimmy Tsai, Ashka Gami, Nina Lassam, Jon McNally, Krystal Plomatos and Sam Posner.

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