It’s back.

A second round of sweatier-than-normal summer heat is forecast to return to the Southern United States starting Saturday and continuing into next week.

A warm dome of high pressure will once again park over New Mexico and West Texas. While it likely won’t be as bad as late June, areas from California to Texas that typically see temperatures above 100 this time of year could see heat even worse than that, possibly setting daily records. Gulf Coast states are most likely to experience above-average temperatures combined with high humidity, creating hazardous conditions. Overnight “low” temperatures could break records for their warmth.

Oh, and a separate system could bring above-average extreme heat to south Florida as well.

It’s going to be brutal in Phoenix, according to forecasters. Search for your city or town.

Not soon. The heat wave across the South, from Florida to California, is expected to last at least two more weeks. That is not a prediction for eventual rest; it’s just that forecasts are vague more than 14 days. So the heat could continue.

The average global temperature rose sharply this week, climbing to 62.6 degrees on Tuesday, making it the hottest day Earth has experienced since at least 1940.

Greg Carbin, the chief of forecast operations at the Weather Prediction Center, said Friday: “I’ve been watching the global temperature trends like everyone else in our business. This is definitely a concern.”

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