Mr. Sinnott patiently answered her questions — not even six months ago — but people gathered. “He said, ‘You know everyone’s looking at us, and you didn’t say yes’,” Ms Rinehart said.

“I was like, ‘Of course, the answer is yes, I thought that was a given,'” she said.

To celebrate, they went to the Regis Princeville Resort, now closed, and sat outside calling family and friends. “I think a lot of people expected us to get engaged and were really happy about it,” Mr Sinnott said. After all, the two of them had been dating for almost five years, and had known each other since high school. Their first kiss was two decades earlier.

Mr. Sinnott, 43, director of sales at SmartPay, a bill payment service, and Ms. Rinehart, 42, the vice president of public relations at Ann Magnin, a public relations and marketing company, live in Denver, but both grew up. up in Stroudsburg, Pa.

“I had a huge crush on him,” Ms. Rinehart said. “He was a lifeguard at a local pool, so I made my mum drop me off there, but being a typical teenager, I wouldn’t talk to him or contact him.”

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Then, when they were 15, they kissed at a pool party. After that, although they saw each other at different social events, nothing else happened.

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